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"I got wasted" For mixed chorus

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You might miss the last train after drinking too much, or spend the night at an internet cafe, or you might try to take the first train home, but end up at a station you don't know where because you overslept.

The hottest collection of songs "I got Wasted." a collection of mixed choral songs that somehow takes a story of drinking failures that every drinker has experienced at least once and turns it into a beautiful choral piece.

After the first edition of the book, which sold out in an instant, a new edition has been released, which has been re-published in an even easier-to-read format.

Take it as a new repertoire for your choir, and try it as an accompaniment to a boozy launch.

"I got Wasted" For Mixed Chorus

  1. Wakaru Chorus
    Music/Words by Nagahana
  2. Beat it w/ beer.
    Music/Words by Nagahana
  3. thirsty, thirsty, thirsty.
    Music/Words by Nagahana
  4. Only so much Oil noodle in the...
    Music/Words by Nagahana
  5. The home is a lie.
    Music/Words by Nagahana
  6. Pay my fee.
    Music by Nagahana Words by Myura


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