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Choral song "Coz it's so good."

Choral song "Coz it's so good."

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Have you ever heard of Taiwan? Just a little beyond Okinawa.
That's why the pork dishes are so good.


A foreign country near Japan and just a little beyond Okinawa.

Delicious food and liquor are waiting for us there.

Would you like to visit Taiwan for your next vacation?


This song was produced as a charity for the damage caused by the earthquake that occurred in Hualien County, Taiwan on February 6, 2018.

The sales of this score are donated to support the disaster area in full after deducting commissions from the sales market.


■The Songs

  1. "Coz it's so good. "(Mixed chorus version)
  2. "Coz it's so good. "( (Male voice version)
  3. "Coz it's so good." ((Female voice version)


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