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"Fully Assorted Anthology of Chorus" for Mixed Chorus

"Fully Assorted Anthology of Chorus" for Mixed Chorus

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The second volume of the Nagahana choral music collection is finally available!

Three and a half years after the mixed chorus collection "I got wasted" became such a big hit that it had to be reprinted, the second volume of the Nagahana chorus collection is finally ready!

This time, under the title of "Fully Assorted Anthology of Chorus," we have selected songs related to food, such as fried chicken, ramen, sushi, and cold Chinese noodles.

Of course, the sound is not limited to existing choral music. In addition to jazz, musical highlights, and salsa, which are all genres in which Nagahana excels, the album also includes a challenging piece in which the chorus expresses minimal music.

In a change from its booze-soaked predecessor, this work is presented with an alcohol content of 0.0%. Why don't you take on the challenge of these challenging songs that can be enjoyed by students and adults alike?


"Fully Assorted Anthology of Chorus" for Mixed Chorus

  1. The joy of frying
     Music/Words by Nagahana
  2. Ready for chilled Ramen (Add mayonnaise)
     Music by Nagahana Words by Myura
  3. Thick straw
     Music/Words by Nagahana
  4. minimal-go-round
     Music/Words by Nagahana
  5. Haraheri (The Sin of Gluttony from The Seven Deadly Sins for Mixed Chorus
     Music by Nagahana words by Myura
  6. Get the broth(unreleased new work)
    Music/Words by Nagahana
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